Nuevos Ministerios Station in Madrid

On Dec. 6, this may become one of the most photographed crosswalks on Earth. If Madrid’s Sep. 27 climate strike is anything to go by, we can expect thousands to flood the area near Nuevos Ministerios metro station in Spain’s capital. The Spanish cosmopolis, now more cosmopolitical than usual with tens of thousands here for COY15 and COP25 to advance climate action, is launching crosswalks like this into the global spotlight.

While anxieties about the lack of progress on decarbonization increase with each annual UN Conference of the Parties (COP) that passes, there are signs that times are changing thanks in no small part to our resolute and vocal youth. My home country of Canada, for example, has declared a climate emergency. In recent days, the EU has also declared an emergency. This is in addition to over a thousand cities that have issued declarations, many of which have established decarbonization pathways.

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