Art Show


  • bp Nichol Chapbook Award for Oilywood
  • Terry Prize for “Kinds of Love”
  • University of British Columbia Faculty of Arts Graduate Award
  • University of British Columbia Graduating Arts Dean’s Leader
  • HSBC Undergraduate Award
  • Iser Steinman Memorial Scholarship in Translation
  • Irving K. Barber Scholarship
  • Millennium Scholarship
  • Mesa Community College Juror’s Prize from for short film Full to the Gills


  • Climate Blogger, a blog dedicated to diving intooften but not always new climate literature.


  • Counterfeit, a book of poetry published by Capilano University Editions
  • Oilywood, a chapbook published by Nomados Editions



  • “You Deserve to Hate Everything” in Lake




  • Desync or a Country for Everyone excerpt in the Vancouver issue of Tripwire
  • “Wolf” in Ocho
  • “At the False Foot Association” in the Canadian Poetry Section of Interim
  • “Between Wars” in FRONT Magazine
  • “The Role of the Synapse, or Fall Collection” in CRWR 202 Course Pack at UBC
  • “No Comment” in FU
  • “After Party” and “Dinner Party” in Pistola
  • “Barbershop” in FRONT Magazine
  • “Bossanova” in Memewar
  • “Photo Booth” in FRONT Magazine
  • Recording of “Barbershop” featured on Hard to Say podcast
  • “The Role of the Synapse, or Fall Collection” in SubTerrain
  • “Kinds of Love” in terry
  • “Unschool Me” in 42Opus
  • “I Could Have Used the Bed Sheets” in The 2River View
  • “The Noise Maker’s Map” in Filling Station